Highlighted Services

Partners in Performance has over 10 years of experience in crafting the correct set of indicators for specific positions within specific organizations; developing highly user-friendly reports; and debriefing and coaching around results from feedback that leads to improved performance.

We are skilled in the administration of the OCAI (Online Culture Assessment Instrument) as a means of building a healthy and effective organizational culture. Our experience includes onsite introduction and explanation of the instrument; tailoring the instrument to ask questions unique for each organization; administration; report development; and onsite consultation around the results to support the efforts to advance from the current culture to the preferred culture.

Our staff has over 25 year of experience in developing retreat objectives and agendas; onsite facilitation; summarizing the retreat output; and developing action steps for moving forward based on the outputs of each retreat.

Partners in Performance is accomplished at assisting organizations in articulating their vision; helping to  establish milestones; and identifying improved ways of working to advance the strategy through an action-learning-model.

We provide assistance in establishing a safe space and a useful framework for identifying and addressing key areas of conflict within the organization, which can often be interpersonal, sometimes interdepartmental, and often misunderstandings about direction and priorities.