What we do

Vision and Strategy

We sit side by side with leaders helping them identify their most complex challenges, facilitate honest, focused engagement across the organization and coach leaders in moving the organization forward with purpose and foresight.


We foster collaborations and partnership development which has always been a core part of our work and we help leaders create the space and time needed to understand the benefits, develop the structures, and succeed at full systems integration—all essential to the increased impact that only a merger can provide.


We’ve helped more than a dozen leading arts organizations and agencies generate adaptive responses to their most complex challenges. And through an action learning process support leaders try new ways of working, get rapid feedback, and learn the ways forward that help shape the future.

Leadership Development

We bring highly committed people together from different organizations and across sectors to create intensive and rewarding learning environments where leaders reflect on their own practice, gain insight into their strengths and preferences, and understand more clearly how to increase their effectiveness.

Convenings and Facilitation

We design and facilitate fruitful engagements where field-wide leaders engage in dialogue around policy development, recent trends,  big dilemmas and even bigger opportunities, all structured in ways that generate useful responses to some of the most critical, and often most vexing challenges presented by the “new normal.”

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